How a relatively small investment can make you a lot of dough:
This product is a proven winner for over 65 years!

Dreesen’s Famous Donuts is a perfect fit for your bakery, market, restaurant, ice cream store, farmstand
or almost any retail food establishment or public venue.

High Profits    High Margins   Low Labor Cost   Almost no space needed (50 SF)  
No additional rent   Attracts a crowd   Drives sales of high profit items

It’s this easy...


Everybody loves Dreesen’s Famous Donuts

Movie stars, fishermen, celebrities, kids and even Presidents of the United States all love Dreesen’s Famous Donuts. They’re simply irresistible. Made fresh every day, they’re hot, delicious and incredibly popular. In East Hampton, one of the most prestigious summer resort areas in the world where you can have anything you want…everyone wants Dreesen’s Donuts. Great for breakfast, dessert or a snack, they invite new customers into your store. And the easy to use Donut Robot (the donut machine), is such a crowd pleaser the donuts practically sell themselves.

The Mix

Dreesen’s Famous Donut mix-a secret recipe that’s renowned for making the best cake donuts anywhere. We send you all the ingredients you need to make our donuts, including our zero trans-fats shortening, our powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar.


Dreesen’s Famous Donuts must be produced by the Donut Robot to ensure the highest quality and freshness. This machine is simple to operate. Put the Donut Robot in your storefront window and watch it attract a crowd as it makes fresh delicious donuts. The Donut Robot requires very little space and it comes with a one-year parts warranty. Attachments can be added for mini donuts & donut holes.

Dreesen’s Famous Donuts: The delicious way to make your business more profitable!